Thursday 24th April, 2003

Looked at only, to try and install TT 2.08 and 2.09 at the same time. Found some glitches in only while installing, and then using it too:


Investigated leak further, built a battery of perls - seems to only manifest itself with handbuilt 5.8.0.


Started to rebuild 5.8.0. Wrote up an account of the week to date.

Rebuilt 5.8.0 didn't exhibit the leak. Switched to that and let the TT folks know it was my end.

Installing all the modules for Siesta and Mariachi against the new perl I noticed that the Email::Folder and Email::FolderType distributions had busted SIGNATURE files. Wittered about this on #london.pm with acme and decided to blame Module::Build.

Rushed out unsigned releases of Email::Folder and Email::FolderType

Spent bits of the afternoon patching on mariachi and arguing about thread navigation with Simon. Rewrote the tree-walking to be much cleaner.

Went dogfood with mariachi for the siesta lists: