Siesta, the timeline


In thinking of the history of Siesta, I found myself drawing some odd parallels. See if they work for you.

There's a war

Throughout June/July 2002 there were several related threads on

Mentioning that is run on mailman

Suggesting that if mailman were written in non-sucky Perl then they'd hack on it.

More war

Eventually, I lost my cool (for I am not Fonzie)

 From: Richard Clamp <>
 Subject: Re: for those who were looking for reason to better mailman in perl
 Date: Tue Jul 30 00:53:03 2002
 On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 03:06:44PM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:
 > Note that I have no intention of actually finding the time to actively help
 > anyone re-write mailman (or majordomo) or anything else,
 I must say that I'm actively bored of this subject now.  I do however
 have a short proposal which will hopefully lead to this recurring
 thread going the fuck away.
 To: Those that care
 From: Someone who doesn't
       Go form a sourceforge/savannah project which will give you
       suboptimal mailing lists and a CVS repository.
       Let the world know you have done this so they can find you. 
       Write code and argue it out amongst yourselves.
       Let the world know when you get as far as being self-hosting.
 I'm sorry it's not a catchy 3-step plan, but try it out anyway.
 Richard Clamp <>

This being, nothing actually happened. At least not until August 16th.

An unconventional team is formed

A man who smokes cigars

Hannibal Greg

A crazy pilot

Murdock Simon

An angry man

BA Richard

They escape to the Los Angeles underground

Well we were close, we ended up in California at least:

 % whois
 Found a referral to
  VA Software Corporation (OSDN)
  47071 Bayside Parkway
  Fremont, CA 94538

369 Miles out:

Fremont to LA

Some wacky adventures

The first day of hacking was 18th August, 2002. At the end of which we had.

A plan.

A bunch of code

Self-hosted dev lists.

Sadly, viewer figures dropped off

patch flow

The man from uncle shows up, with new equipment

We were rehoused at

Stockwell Nicholas

Nicholas provided us with snapshot scripts, so people not subversion capable could play along too.

And more new characters

Frankie Robin

Robin did a lot of work in converting simons PHP prototype web interface into a real Template Toolkit backed one, which interfaces to the real Siesta classes.

And Face finally showed up.

Face Tom

Tom wrote most of the output generation code for Mariachi, and provided us with nice css templates.

More wacky adventures

In the course of writing this we've had knock-on effect in working on some of the modules we wanted to use.




The end?

patch flow